Samsung's Smart Shades Can Change Its Lens Tint And Framework Layout

Different kinds of sunglasses go with different kinds of ensembles, such as the frame design, the lens design, the shade of the lens, etc, unless naturally you do not actually care about matching your outfits in which anything goes. Samsung desires to make your life simpler, although nevertheless matching your outfits to your oakley commit sunglasses may be expensive as it means getting multiple pairs.

The organization has lately been given a patent for a pair of smart sunglasses that's the capacity to change its frame and lens design. The sunglasses itself will feature a clear screen which has the potential to wrap itself around the whole framework of the oakley eyepatch itself. This means that users, via a button or accompanying smartphone app, will have a way to improve its design on the fly.

Needless to say the physical design will stay the same, but if you needed a frame having a different color, shading, or maybe even a pattern, you can try this.

It is an appealing idea but sadly given that it's a patent, there is actually no telling if Samsung has of making the eyeglasses a reality, any genuine plans, but what do you guys think?